Review: Sweetpea Baby Food Organic Cookies


There is something nostalgic about cookies that brings me back to my childhood, especially digestive cookies that I used to eat as a kid. I don’t normally eat cookies these days but awhile back, Molline from Sweetpea Baby Food provided me with some samples of Sweetpea Baby Food’s organic cookies. Sweetpea Baby Food is a growing Toronto based company that began by producing baby food and has now expanded to include organic cookies in their product line.

I know what you may be thinking. Baby cookies? But hey, if the cookie is good enough for an enfant it must be good enough and wholesome for anyone right?

I was curious to find out.

That is definitely the case with Sweetpea Baby Food’s organic cookies. They were wholesome AND yummy and if I were a parent I may end up gobbling them all up before any of my kids got them!

The cookies came in three varieties and here are my thoughts on each flavor.

Banana Pear: Yummy. Tasted just like banana bread pressed into a cookie with a hint of pear coming through at the end of each bite.

Pumpkin Spice: Subtle and mellow. Would compliment tea or coffee very nicely.

Sweet Apple: This one was my favorite of the three. The soft texture of the cookie suited the apple flavor the best.

Any parent would feel good about giving these cookies to their kids. They’re made with no artificial flavors, nor preservatives and are also egg and dairy free. They are made with 100% whole grain and have a really wholesome bite to them which I quite liked. They’re not overly sweet like other cookies and kind of reminded me like a really healthy shortbread!  They are not dry and crumbly like other store bought cookies but at the same time aren't chewy cookies.  They kind of just melt/fall apart when you put them in your mouth!

One of the ingredients in these cookies is spelt flour.  I really like making spelt flour pancakes and it gives the cookies a very nice nutty flavour. 

They paired really nicely with coffee and tea and while they are perfect for snacking, I even had them for breakfast on a couple of occasions when I was pressed for time. Although these cookies are marketed towards enfants, I genuinely believe that they could survive the shelves among other non-baby snack foods. It’s a lot safer to have a bag of these around the house/office than oreo cookies or fudge-e-o’s!

I definitely put these cookies in the comfort category. They gave me that same warm feeling that I get from eating digestive cookies that brings me back to my childhood.

 Thank you Sweetpea Baby Food!


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